Thank you to all our 2023 Networking Partners!

Our Networking Partners are listed in alphabetical order. The Networking Expo portion of our event will be an informal mixer, where our Networking Partners will be able to either mingle freely with the attendees or remain near their assigned table spaces. Networking Partners noted with (*) are either represented by PNWJETAA members or currently have PNWJETAA members/employees. Click on the logos below to visit our Networking Partners’ websites.

If you are interested in being a 2024 Networking Partner, contact the Transitions Team here for more information!

PNWJETAA would like to extend a special shout out of appreciation to our event partner and hosting venue: The Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (JCCCW)*! Also known as “The J”, it is a center for people who love all things Japanese and more. It’s a place to gather together and learn and something new. There’s always something happening at The J, from Japanese language lessons, to cultural programs and festivals to lectures on the history of Japanese in Seattle and Japanese Americans!

While you are attending Transitions, be sure to enjoy all the history housed under the roof of The J and be sure to stop by the Hosekibako Resale Shop during your lunch break – you never know what treasures you might find! Also be sure to visit the “Community Table” at the Networking Expo to find out more about all the services and resources offered by the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington!

Budokan Dojo* is a non-profit judo club that has been teaching Japanese-style competition-focused Judo in Seattle for over 50 years. Judo is an Olympic sport and martial art that promotes physical fitness, self-defense, and positive values.  Budokan Dojo is affiliated with the Northwest Yudanshakai, United States Judo Federation, and USA Judo.  Budokan Dojo offers classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced judokas.  Our instructors are certified, experienced, and passionate about sharing their knowledge and love of Judo.

Chado Urasenke Tankokai Seattle Association is the non-profit organization of Seattle chapter of Chado Urasenke in Japan that focuses on Japanese Tea Ceremony traditions.

Chin Music Press* is a curiously bibliophilic indie publisher located deep in the recesses of Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market. For 18 years, we’ve been creating beautiful, engaging, and affordable books on a wide range of quirky and eclectic topics. We are seeking volunteers.

The Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle* serves Japanese citizens through multiple services like maintaining the family registry, passport renewals, and more. For Americans and other non-Japanese citizens, the Consulate-General issues visas and promotes economic and grassroots exchanges as well as Japanese culture and education. The Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle serves Washington State, Northern Idaho and Montana. Seeking applicants for Japanese Government Scholarships and the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program.

The Seattle Fukushima Kenjinkai (Seattle Fukushima Club)* is an organization dedicated to keeping the Seattle nikkei community vibrant. Originally formed as a heritage based community organization with ancestral ties to Fukushima Prefecture in Japan, we promote ties between Seattle and Fukushima, as well as promote Fukushima Prefecture in America. We welcome anyone interested in Fukushima to join our group! Seeking new members and volunteers.

The Hoshu Dojo practices ZNKR Jodo and Shindo Muso Ryu Jojutsu.

Shindo Muso Ryu is the art of the short staff. In this art, we use a simple short staff against a sword-armed opponent. In Jodo we rely on precision and the flexibility of the Jo to overcome the inherent advantages of a blade wielding opponent. Seeking members.

The Hyogo Business & Cultural Center* is an overseas office based in Seattle that seeks to facilitate the sister-state relationship between Washington State and Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture. Since opening in 1990, we have served thousands of people furthering mutual understanding and international relations between these regions. We build connections between Washington and Hyogo by assisting student and teacher exchanges, providing businesses with development services, promoting Hyogo business & tourism, and supporting sister-city relationships between Washington and Hyogo cities. Seeking volunteers.

JASSW* forges friendship and understanding between the peoples of Japan and Washington State. We bring people together mainly though monthly events. Most of our staff is bilingual English/Japanese. We are always seeking members and volunteers.

JETAA USA* (JET Alumni Association of the United States of America) supports the JET Program, the US chapters and membership. We promote a broader and deeper understanding between Japan and the US through our local JETAA chapter activities, thus playing an important role in the promotion of US-Japan relations. JETAA US chapters promote Japan and Japanese culture in the form of community, cultural and social events on a grassroots level. JETAA USA is a member of JET Alumni Association International.

The Kobe Trade Information Office is the Seattle branch office of the City of Kobe, which is a sister city to Seattle. Our main work is to support companies in Kobe to expand into North America and to attract North American startup companies to Kobe. We are seeking employees.

Laurasian Institution* is a not-for-profit educational organization, specializing in meaningful, high-quality, exchange and education programs driven by their curricular design. Annually, we support approximately 2,000 participants of varying ages on short-term and group programs. We have been honored to operate programs sponsored by both the U.S. Department of State and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1990. Seeking employees.

Musokai Iaido Club* is a not-for-profit martial arts educational organization dedicated to promoting the Muso Shinden Ryu style of Iaido – Japanese Swordsmanship. We are seeking members.

Founded in 1902 by immigrants from Japan, the North American Post Publishing Inc*. is the oldest, minority-owned, publishing company in the Greater Seattle area. Located in what is today’s Japantown, we represent the long and storied history of the Japanese American (JA) community in our area. We are seeking employees and volunteers.

Has serving on the JET Program inspired you to pursue teaching as a career? Visit us to learn more about how Northwest University* can set you on the path to obtain your teaching credentials through our Masters in Teaching program.

Sam Van Ginhoven* is a local PNW photographer and is passionate about portrait, event, and landscape photography. Before moving to Seattle, he was a participant on the JET Program in Kumamoto Prefecture from 2013-2017. Please use the Instagram QR above to connect with him about your next photo session and like his photography.

The Pacific Northwest Chapter of JETAA (PNWJETAA)* encompasses Washington, Northern Idaho, and Montana and focuses most of its activities in and around the Puget Sound area. Working with the local Consulate-General of Japan, we promote and foster Japanese/American cultural exchange, assist with and facilitate personnel recruitment for the JET Program, and provide support and assistance to new JET returnees. We are actively encouraging all JET alumni residing within our jurisdiction to register via our membership portal on our homepage, as part of our 2023 membership update campaign!

The Pacific Northwest Naginata Federation (PNNF) offers classes in Naginata, a Japanese martial art using the naginata (glaive). Originally a battlefield weapon and then a method of self-defense for women of the samurai class, Naginata is practiced in modern times by people around the world.

QUICK USA, Inc is a Japanese recruiting company seeking employees, and members/volunteers. Based in New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and Mexico (Aguascalientes, Queretaro), QUICK USA, Inc. functions as an agency to facilitate job search and career transition for individuals who are currently working in the U.S. as well as students who wish to work for a company in the U.S. after graduation. Our experienced, skilled recruiting consultants will give you a career advice based on your career goals and needs. Using our job search and career change support services, you will discover and land a position that is just right for you. We are seeking employees.

The Seattle Cherry Blossom and Japanese Cultural Festival Committee* is Seattle’s oldest Japanese Cultural Festival and encompasses 3-days of Japanese cultural performances, activities, demonstrations and exhibits each April at Seattle Center. The festival focuses on arts, culture and technology of Japan and Japanese American heritage. We are seeking volunteers!

Seattle Kendo Kai (SKK) is a non-profit martial arts organization dedicated to perpetuating and teaching traditional Japanese kendo and seitei iaido. Seeking members.

The Seattle-Kobe Sister City Association (SKSCA)* is a volunteer-based association that helps promote and facilitate friendly relations between Seattle and our sister city of Kobe, Japan. Founded in 1957, the Seattle-Kobe relationship was the first such partnership for both cities. The exchanges between our two cities are many and varied, ranging from cultural and educational to business and governmental. SKSCA fosters programs and exchanges that help build friendships between the people of our two cities, and is always looking to connect with people who have an interest in or connection with the Kobe area. Seeking members or volunteers.

SEATTLE-TACOMA FUKUOKA KENJINKAI is the Fukuoka Prefectural community club is seeking members & volunteers!

The Tacoma-Kitakyushu Sister City Committee (TKSCC)* is under the greater organization of Tacoma Sister Cities. Kitakyushu was Tacoma’s first sister city relationship established. Our mission is promoting peace through people by citizen diplomacy, cultural education and economic development. Seeking members or volunteers.

Created by JET alumni for JET alumni, USJETAA* serves the JETAA community in the United States through its unique role as a national nonprofit organization. USJETAA’s mission is to strengthen the US-Japan relationship via the JET alumni network by offering programming, support and resources to current JETs, JET alumni and JETAA chapters throughout the USA. Seeking members or volunteers.

Young Professionals International Network (YPIN) is a networking and social organization whose mission is to promote international understanding and cooperation among Seattle early and mid-career professionals. We do this through informal networking events, educational programming, and engaging social opportunities. YPIN is a program of the World Affairs Council. Seeking members.

Zack Davisson* is an award winning translator, writer, lecturer, and scholar of manga and Japanese folklore and ghosts. He is the author of YUREI: THE JAPANESE GHOST, YOKAI STORIES, and THE SUPERNATURAL CATS OF JAPAN from Chin Music Press.