National J-Link

What is J-Link? We all possess powerful stories and have taken amazing personal journeys during our time as JETs and in our lives after the JET Program. J-Link is the place to share, connect and inspire. Originally created to help promote the entrepreneurial ventures of PNWJETAA members, it has expanded to include any of our members, who wish to share their professional journeys and information about companies or groups they either own or wish to represent. The “J” in J-Link means something a bit different to all our members, it stand for Japan, Job or Just want to say “hello”! Most importantly the “J” in J-Link stands for “JET” the experience that links us all together.

Join our PNW J-Link Representatives and become part of the newly envisioned National J-Link community by registering today! Thank you to all of the National (and International) J-Link members who attended our Transitions Industry Networking Happy Hour on September 26, we hope that you will continue to network with the people you met and encourage you to reach out to other members of the National J-Link Directory!

J-Link profiles will be hosted here on the Transitions website until September 1, 2021.

Registration is now closed for the 2020 National J-Link Directory. Thanks to everyone who participated!

For further questions about J-Link, please email