Transitions 2020


Opening Keynote & Networking (1.5 hrs)Sunday,
September 20th,
5:30PM PDT
Resume and Job Planning in COVID19 (1 hr)Monday,
September 21st,
5:30PM PDT
Jobs & Opportunities Japanese Language (1 hr)Tuesday,
September 22nd,
5:30PM PDT
Graduate Education & JET Alumni Scholarship Opportunities (1.5 hrs)Wednesday,
September 23rd,
5:30PM PDT
U.S.-Japan Jobs: Diversity and Inclusion in the Pipeline (1 hr)Thursday,
September 24th,
5:30PM PDT
LinkedIn Know Hows (1 hr)Friday,
September 25th,
5:30PM PDT
Mentoring Sessions (1 hr)Saturday,
September 26th,
11:00AM & 2:00PM PDT
Closing Remarks & Industry Networking Happy Hour (1 hr)Saturday,
September 26th,
5:30PM PDT

Individual career counseling with Emily Frank throughout the week through special registration.

Session Details

Opening Keynote & NetworkingWe will kick off the weeklong Transitions event with opening remarks from PNWJETAA and USJETAA. Then, Satu Limaye, Vice President and Director or East-West Center in Washington, will give a keynote address on his personal connection to Japan and Seattle, the impact of foreign affairs on Seattle’s local economy, global trade between Japan and Washington state, and other factors that contribute to strong Seattle-Japan ties. He will also touch on how the United States and Japan benefit from their trade partnership both on a local and global scale, as well as challenges and issues that will require U.S.-Japan cooperation. Following the keynote, participants will join small breakout sessions to network with attendees, and speakers. Keynote sponsored by Sasakawa USA.

Resume and Job Planning in COVID19: The pandemic likely threw a wrench in your plans but this can be an opportunity to spruce up your resume. This session will focus on making your resume work for you finding your next job. Presenter: Emily Frank

Jobs & Opportunities Japanese Language: Now that JET is over, how will you use your Japanese language skills? What types of jobs will require your Japanese skills? How can you maintain or build your level of fluency? Get the answers to these questions and more from JET alumni who use Japanese at work and learn how they’ve used their language skills after completing the JET program. Panelists: Karin Zaugg Black, Jennifer Butler, Brian Watson.

Graduate Education & JET Alumni Scholarship Opportunities: Are you considering graduate school? Did you know there are scholarships available to JET alumni? Learn about the different scholarships available at universities and meet representatives from these select universities offering them in small groups to learn more about their programs and how to take your next steps to higher education. Confirmed schools: Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs: Syracuse University (Christine Omolino), Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy: Carnegie Mellon University (David Eber), School for International Training (Meghan McMillan), Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (Jill Stoffers), American University’s School of Education (Ashleigh Huseth), and Leah Gowron.

U.S.-Japan Jobs: Diversity and Inclusion in the Pipeline: The last 70 years of the U.S.-Japan relationship is not going to look like the next 70 years. This panel will address changes in the current generation of Japan leaders and in U.S.-Japan jobs today and in the future. It will examine interpersonal, institutional, and intersectional aspects of diversity and inclusion in the U.S.-Japan jobs pipeline with solutions, examples, and information on how to be an ally in the space. The panel will end with a Q&A and discussion. Presenter: Mya Fisher

LinkedIn Know Hows: LinkedIn is the social networking tool you need for job searching and professional networking, but you can’t use it like other social platforms. Rob Uy will lead you through best practices, maximizing LinkedIn’s bells and whistles to your advantage and growing your network to create opportunities. Presenter: Rob Uy

Mentoring sessions: Successful JET alumni in their respective fields, who represent different industries will meet with participants to help them learn how they can break into those industries or grow in them. It will be first come, first served in small groups.

Closing Remarks & Industry Networking Happy Hour: Gather together with us for this great opportunity to diversify and expand your professional network. Participants from Transitions will be there as well as those from an array of experiences. See which representatives from our J-Link pages will be in attendance. Pages will be updated until September 20th.

Career Counseling with Emily Frank: Maybe you have a goal and don’t know how to get there or maybe you’re trying to figure out your next step, Emily Frank is here to help! This one-on-one career counseling session will be focused on you and your objectives. Learn about Emily Frank here: Career counseling applications are open from September 1st to 8th. Register for Transitions and apply by September 8th to be considered for a session. Selected participants will be notified via email on September 11th and will have until September 16th to schedule their session. All sessions will be held between September 20th and 26th. Recently returned JETs will have priority.