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Below are JET alumni representing different fields, companies and groups ready to connect with you! This directory will be available until September 1st, 2021. Members are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

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Here are some of the industries represented by our J-Link members:
International Exchange/International Education, Language Services (Translation / Interpretation), Higher Education Administration, Entrepreneur, U.S. – Japan Nonprofit, Government/Foreign Service, Business / Corporation, Media, Cultural Groups and more!

Note: Those National J-Link Members with an ( * ) after their JETAA chapter, attended the Industry Networking Happy Hour on 9/26.

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Photo of Alana Baxter (She/Her)
ALT, Maebashi, Gunma, 2006-2008 PNWJETAA

Business Info

Alana is currently working as a speech language pathologist to special needs preschoolers and making “Miss Alana” videos to help them practice communicating at home. She also loves performing in plays, musicals, and voice overs. During her time in Japan, Alana developed a love for performing enka music which continues to to this day.

Categories: Performing Arts, PNWJETAA, Speech Language Pathology
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Photo of Zack Davisson (He/Him)
ALT, Sakurai, Nara, 2001 – 2007 PNWJETAA

Business Info

Zack Davisson is a writer, editor, lecturer, scholar and translator, known for his his works on Japanese folklore and ghosts as well as translating the works of Shigeru Mizuki, Matsumoto Leiji, and Satoshi Kon.

Categories: Academia, Language Services, PNWJETAA, Think Tank
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Photo of Zoe Donnell (She/Her)
ALT, Omiya, Saitama, 1998-2000 PNWJETAA

Business Info

I live in Tacoma, and I work in the Curatorial Department of the Tacoma Art Museum. I have been an admirer of Japanese woodblock prints for twenty years and received a masters of arts degree in art history from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, with a focus in twentieth century Japanese art.

Categories: Arts, PNWJETAA, U.S. – Japan Non Profit
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Photo of Chad Frisk (He/Him)
ALT, Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, 2008-2013 PNWJETAA

Business Info

I write books to mine my experiences for insights that might also be helpful for others.

Categories: Entrepreneur, PNWJETAA, Publishing, Writing
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Photo of Kyle Funakoshi (He/Him)
ALT, Koga, Fukuoka, 1996-1997 PNWJETAA

Business Info

Kyle is a Major Gifts Fundraiser for the National Park Foundation, which seeks to preserve and enhance our nations cultural, historic and natural treasures and is the official charitable partner of the National Park Service, which seeks to He engages philanthropists and connect them with programs that can maximize their impact in the world. Kyle is happy to speak with people who are in learning more about fundraising.

Categories: U.S. – Japan Non Profit
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Photo of Rodney Gottula (He/Him)
ALT, Yanagida, Ishikwawa, 1998-2001 & Kobe, Hyogo, 2011 PNWJETAA

Business Info

Rod Gottula grew up in Shepherd, Montana. His four years on the JET Program fueled his passion for helping young people experience the wonders of other cultures and the beauty of everyday folks in different lands after his return to Montana. His hobbies include reading, writing, struggling to play the guitar, and occasionally karaoke. Rod and his wife, Rie constantly nag their two children to study more and make the most of their bilingual and multicultural opportunities. Double! Not Half. is dedicated to their journey. Currently Rod is currently a Vice Principal at West Billings High School.

Categories: Academia, Award-Winning Children's Author: Double! Not Half, PNWJETAA, Think Tank
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ALT, Hamasaka, Hyogo, 2010-2011 PNWJETAA

Business Info

Building on her JET experience, Amanda was able to utilize Japanese language on a daily basis and gain further translation and interpretation experience in a Japanese government setting, before moving on to the entertainment industry. She currently uses her Japanese language skills in the area of product development and to help formulate business strategy.


Categories: Foreign Service, Government, Media, PNWJETAA, U.S. – Japan Non Profit
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