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International Exchange/International Education, Language Services (Translation / Interpretation), Higher Education Administration, Entrepreneur, U.S. – Japan Nonprofit, Government/Foreign Service, Business / Corporation, Media, Cultural Groups and more!

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Photo of Dale Watanabe (He/Him)
ALT, Tanto, Hyogo, 1992-1995 Seattle University

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Seattle University is the largest private university in the pacific northwest. I direct the International Student Center and international students from overseas make up about 10% of our campus population.


The Minidoka Pilgrimage Planning Committee (MPPC or MPC) is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) group that organizes the annual pilgrimage to the Minidoka National Historic Site located in southeastern Idaho. This national park is one of the American concentration camps that was in operation during WWII for persons of Japanese ancestry forced off the west coast of the United States. Minidoka was home to about 9,000 individuals from Washington, Oregon and Alaska. The pilgrimage is an intergenerational opportunity to hear the stories from survivors about this important chapter of American history. Scholarships are available, please visit the Minidoka Pilgrimage website to learn more.


Categories: Community Service, International Education, International Exchange, PNWJETAA, Volunteer
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Photo of Brian Watson
ALT, Saitama BOE, 1988 to 1991 Nintendo

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I’ve done a lot of technical translation and interpreting for Nintendo and am reawakening to my skills as a project manager there.



Categories: Business, Corporation, PNWJETAA
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Photo of Savannah William (She/Her)
ALT, Numazu, Shizuoka, 2018-2020

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I specialize in international community exchange and outreach in addition to global communications. I am also passionate about photography as well as studying intersectionality and serving mixed-race Asian minorities.

Categories: Academia, Community Service, Foreign Service, Government, International Education, International Exchange, JETAA Western Japan, Tokyo, Journalism, Press, Think Tank, U.S. – Japan Non Profit, Volunteer
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City of Kobe’s Seattle branch office supports business relations between the US and Kobe, particularly for Japan market entry, business and office establishment in Kobe, and development of the US-Kobe startup ecosystem.


Categories: Business, Corporation, Entrepreneur, Foreign Service, Government, PNWJETAA, U.S. – Japan Non Profit
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